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Major win

NCC celebrates signing of historic infrastructure package

California is on its way to boosting job creation and ushering in a clean construction boom, thanks to Gov. Gavin Newsom’s freshly signed plan to accelerate development and maximize $180 billion in infrastructure investments over the next decade.

Business and community leaders united by the New California Coalition celebrated Newsom’s signing of his infrastructure streamlining bills on Monday, July 10, 2023 in Sacramento.

Swift and thoughtful execution of Newsom’s plan will help California: 
  • Meet ambitious climate goals
  • Repair and replace aging infrastructure
  • Create an estimated 400,000 good-paying jobs
  • Expedite environmental planning
The package includes a “shot clock” that limits the duration of lawsuits filed under the oft-abused California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) targeting water, transportation, clean energy and other vital infrastructure projects. It mirrors a solution the New California Coalition included in our 10-Point Plan for Housing Affordability following months of statewide polling. Permitting and record keeping reforms in Newsom’s package will also accelerate construction of new homes amid the state’s housing shortage emergency.

NCC co-leaders Tracy Hernandez and Jim Wunderman led multi-platform advocacy efforts to trumpet the broad business community’s support of Newsom’s infrastructure package ahead of the California State Legislature vote. NCC rallied its statewide network of partners to testify at every informational in June hearing concerning the proposal; mobilized nearly 90 statewide business groups to sign a support letter delivered to all 120 state legislators; and secured a series of media placements as part of its public awareness campaign amplifying the urgent need for water, transportation, energy and other infrastructure upgrades.
“Today is a happy day for the New California Coalition because passage of Governor Newsom’s infrastructure package ensures a brighter tomorrow for everyday Californians worried about access to safe drinking water, affordable clean energy, quality roads and good jobs. Let’s get to work building big things faster now!

Tracy Hernandez, NCC Co-Leader and Founding CEO of the Los Angeles County Business Federation “BizFed.”
“We thank Governor Newsom for his bold leadership in getting this historic infrastructure package across the finish line. We’re particularly excited to partner with the Newsom administration on creating semiconductor manufacturing jobs. This package will supercharge California’s ability to secure federal funding unlocked by the CHIPS and Science Act.

Jim Wunderman, NCC Co-Leader and President/CEO of the Bay Area Council

A message from Governor Newsom

“California is one step closer to building the projects that will power our homes with clean energy, ensure safe drinking water, and modernize our transportation system. Thanks to our partners in the Legislature, we’re about to embark on a clean construction boom that maximizes the unprecedented funding available from the Biden-Harris Administration. I look forward to signing these bills to build California’s clean future, faster.” - Governor Gavin Newsom on July 5, 2023, before the signing of the legislation.

What California is Building, Faster, After Our Win

Below is a table of some of the biggest infrastructure projects, measured by money already allocated from the federal government, across State Senate and Assembly districts. These projects represent big boosts to our climate, transportation, and energy infrastructure, not to mention thousands of jobs that come with them. These are the types of projects that will benefit from our recent win on the infrastructure bill - reducing road blocks and red tape to make California better, faster.

Timeline of Infrastructure Package

May 19, 2023

Governor Gavin Newsom introduces an infrastructure package.

Week of June 5, 2023

NCC organizes 90+ business groups to send a letter in support of Governor Gavin Newsom's infrastructure package and sends to all 120 California legislators.

June 8, 2023

NCC takes to the streets with an ad published in Capitol Weekly showing that 90+ businesses support Governor Gavin Newsom's infrastructure package.

Throughout June 2023

Our team sent 150,000 text messages to Californians informing them about the infrastructure package and asking them to call their legislators in support of the bills.

July 5, 2023

Senate votes on and passes a five-bill infrastructure package.

July 10, 2023

Governor Newsom signs the infrastructure package into law.