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Partner FAQs

Q: What does being listed as a Partner mean?
That your organization participates in activities of the NCC, including its Partner meetings and receiving its communication updates. Where possible and appropriate your organization my also help spread the word about initiatives or policy matters the NCC seeks to influence.

Q: Where on the website is the list of Partners
Click here to see our list of partners!

Q: Who can I contact with the NCC about the Partnership program?
Reach out to Ashley Portillo-Baloy via email to discuss details about becoming a partner.

A Coalition Built for Action

California is at an inflection point and it’s time for a change. Despite a booming tech industry that is generating the biggest state budget surpluses in history, everyday Californians are finding it harder and harder to get by. Whether in the form of soaring housing and rent costs, or the exploding homelessness crisis, spiraling property crime, and devastating effects of out of control fire and drought; our beautiful and cherished state is becoming unlivable for the middle and working class.

Meanwhile, the boom fueling this state’s juggernaut economy balances on a knife’s edge, with more and more businesses headed for the exits.

Yet these are all solvable problems compared with the drain of our biggest resource: hope. From the first 49ers who came to California with dreams of gold, to burgeoning stars drawn to Hollywood in search of fame, the essence of California is the hope and opportunity it has represented for generations of dreamers. . From farmers to scientists, mountaineers to entertainers and everyone in between – California is defined by its ability to turn hope into reality.

Building new housing, developing new sources of energy and water, and building a California for the 21st Century should be an exciting challenge that brings out the best in the state’s vibrant population. But instead, our politics are driving everyday Californians to despair.

Elected officials across the state, from cities to state government to national officials, are being held hostage by political extremes who monopolize their primaries, fundraising, and media audiences. Hope for common sense solutions has become lost in the noise of these groups shouting over each other.

And ultimately, nothing gets done.

This isn’t a problem for one part of the state or one group of people to solve. From Los Angeles to the Valley, from Redding to the Bay; common sense voters are losing hope, because they don’t have a voice, or power, or a place in our politics.

Until we restore our current political imbalance, and give actual power to common sense voters who value problem solving over ideological puritanism, the California Dream will continue to slip away.

Together, we will build a New California for all of us.

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