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Legislation to Watch: Addressing Homelessness with CARE Court

July 5, 2022

Update: CARE COURT passed and was signed into law by Governor Gavin Newsom.

We want to see swift, bold action on homelessness and Governor Newsom’s CARE (Community Assistance, Recovery, and Empowerment) Court legislation, SB 1338, would be a major step in providing support to those living on the streets. 

Thousands of people with untreated behavioral health issues live and die unhoused in California every year. CARE Court includes concrete and far-reaching tools that will actually help those who are homeless by expanding the ability to get people into treatment and protect them from potential abuse.  

CARE Court would come into effect immediately and allow the state to assist those with substance abuse and mental health challenges to get the support they need. Governor Newsom's CARE Court, SB 1338, offers a different, lifesaving outcome. It’s a creative, and necessary tool to address homelessness – a major issue for Californians. We want solutions and CARE Court is one we support.

Industry leaders, like the National Alliance on Mental Illnesses, endorse Governor Newsom's CARE Court legislation, SB 1338. Just this week, the Assembly Judiciary Committee voted 9 to 1 to advance the legislation.

Check back to the New California Coalition’s website for more information on the progress of CARE Court legislation.