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Common-sense is in, hyperpartisanship is out

December 13, 2022

California voters sent a clear message by sending more moderates to Sacramento to work across the aisle and solve problems. 

This year’s midterm election made one thing very clear: California voters are hankering for moderate legislators. That doesn’t mean they’ve traded in their partisan identification or ideological bent; instead, it suggests a recalibration toward compromise and solutions-based governing. In short, Californians want their legislators to get to work and start fixing things, which is tough to do when you’re busy trying to prove your ideological purity.

The votes tell the story: the California legislature has shifted to the middle. Take a look at the spread of Republican, moderate and progressive legislators:

Old Assembly Roster

New Assembly Roster

In the upcoming legislative session, there will be: 

  • 6% more moderate leaning elected officials in California’s State Assembly than last election cycle  
  • 8% more moderate leaning elected officials in California’s State Senate than last election cycle  

Here at the NCC, we’re not surprised by these results. We are mobilizing center-leaning voters who want to build more housing, fix homelessness, support small businesses, and secure California’s water future. We’re proud to have played a role in the shift towards the center - and we are looking to these leaders to take action to support a new era of opportunity in California.

The NCC supported a slate of moderate candidates who are now newly elected into the legislature. These are candidates we trust to work on behalf of their constituents, not special interests, and to prioritize pragmatism over ideological policymaking. 

California’s divisive state politics have shut small businesses out of our economy, kept thousands of people living on the streets, and pushed the California dream out of reach for too many. Now is the time for action. A surge in moderate leaders is a promising sign that Californians expect results.