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Legislation to Support: AB 2011, Housing and High Road Jobs Act

July 29, 2022

Update: AB 2011 passed and was signed into law by Governor Gavin Newsom. The NCC is advocating for swift action on home production to bring down the cost of housing in California. Follow us for updates.

Finally, Californians have a common-sense housing bill that will build homes and bring down the cost of living. AB 2011 is currently awaiting a vote in the state Senate. 

AB 2011, Housing and High Road Jobs Act, allows California builders to get started faster and build units with urgency while providing thousands of high-wage construction jobs. It’s exactly what we need at this moment, when millions of Californians are shut out of home ownership because of skyrocketing costs. 

The bill has widespread support from the California Housing Consortium, a coalition of California mayors, a variety of statewide affordable housing providers, and more than 82,000 union carpenters across the state

This is the type of solution we’ve been waiting for. It’s time to push legislators to pass this bill.

The Housing and High Road Jobs Act will make it possible to permit housing development in underutilized commercial spaces and previously unusable sites. It’s a creative solution to building more units in California.

Home ownership is an important stepping stone in the fight for equity. The housing crisis impacts middle and low income Californians the most, pushing them out of their communities and making it impossible to afford rent or buy a home. Building more housing will make California a more equitable place where Black and brown families can succeed. 

This is our chance to restore hope to Californians. We want to make sure generations of Californians can thrive without having to move across the country to achieve home ownership. People should be able to live near where they work, and hard-working, blue-collar California families shouldn’t be locked out of home ownership.

The Housing and High Road Jobs act will make housing more affordable in California by breaking down barriers to building and employing thousands of Californians with good-paying jobs. You can help change the California housing market for the better by calling your legislator today and urging them to support AB 2011.