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Mental Health Legislation: NCC with Governor Gavin Newsom

October 12, 2023

"Treatment Not Tents" read the Governor's plaque at a historic bill-signing session, attended by NCC CEO, Tracy Hernandez. Governor Newsom signed a handful of bills that prioritizes treatment and support to end California's mental health and homelessness crisis.

"These reforms re-focus billions of dollars in existing funds to prioritize Californians with the deepest mental health needs, living in encampments, or suffering the worst substance use issues. The $6.38 billion bond will provide funding to build more than 11,150 new behavioral health beds and housing and 26,700 outpatient treatment slots – capacity that will touch many tens of thousands of people’s lives every year – filling critical needs across the state for homeless Californians with severe behavioral health issues, to kids suffering from depression, and everyone in between. Recent polling from the Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) found an overwhelming majority (87%) of Californians say there is a mental health crisis in the United States."