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Tracy Hernandez appointed New California Coalition CEO; Jim Wunderman appointed Board Chair

September 28, 2023

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (Sept. 28, 2023) — The New California Coalition (NCC), one of the state’s fastest growing  business civic groups uniting tens of thousands of change-hungry California voters, has taken a significant organizational  step forward in its effort to address California’s most pressing livability, affordability and sustainability challenges.  

The NCC Board of Directors appointed Tracy Hernandez Chief Executive Officer and elected Jim Wunderman Board  Chair, effective immediately. 

Hernandez’s appointment marks a pivotal moment for NCC and the hundreds of statewide business and community  groups the coalition comprises. She is an  award-winning former newspaper publisher and CEO whose approach to sustained change management led to a successful IPO amid disruptive industry change. As a narrative-transforming leader with a proven track record of successfully launching and running complex organizations, Hernandez has spent more than three decades organizing and giving voice  to diverse problem solvers in business, politics and media.  

“Geographic and ideological diversity set NCC apart. We’re pressing forward with pro-people leadership that amplifies  voices from all regions and sectors across the state to uplift all Californians. Millions of solution-oriented voters want to  see political leaders address California’s most pressing challenges – issues such as rising living costs and housing  shortages that directly impact their daily lives. The NCC exists to make sure these voices are heard,” said Hernandez, who  will continue to serve as Founding CEO of the Los Angeles County Business Federation and Central Valley Business  Federation, widely known as “BizFed” and “BizFed CV.” 

Jim Wunderman is a visionary and innovative leader who has worked at the intersection of business and government for  more than four decades to advance solutions to California’s biggest challenges. As CEO of the Bay Area Council for the  past 20 years, he led its growth as one of the state’s most influential, respected and accomplished business and public  policy organizations. 

“I conceived the notion of what became the New California Coalition in response to Bay Area Council members’ growing  concern with issues that could not wholly be addressed at the local or regional levels – increasing costs and a sea of  regulations that are driving good jobs to other states, the need for new housing that workers can afford, the ever-growing  unsheltered homelessness crisis, concerns about the availability of future water supplies and a huge spike in crime. I  found these issues plaguing regions throughout California. While we may have differences, we largely are dealing with  the same challenges across the state. Many organizations signed up to take part and, fortunately, Tracy Hernandez jumped  on board to co-lead this effort with me. As we move forward to create structure around what was a startup organization, I  couldn’t be prouder to partner with a transformational leader like Tracy to bring about the change we need. Her  dynamism, intellect and intense passion for this great state make her the perfect leader for this exciting movement,” said  Wunderman, who will continue to serve as President and CEO of Bay Area Council.  


The New California Coalition (NCC) launched in 2021 to build a civic home and voice for 9.8 million common-sense voters across the state. The  coalition comprises 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) arms. NCC advances the concerns of everyday California crushed by unaffordable housing and dwindling  economic opportunities, as well as small business owners struggling with a deteriorating business climate. Join the movement at  

NCC CEO Tracy Hernandez is Founding CEO of the Los Angeles County Business Federation “BizFed,” a grassroots advocacy organization that  unites 245 diverse business organizations representing 420,000 employers with 5 million employees throughout Los Angeles County.  

NCC Board Chair Jim Wunderman is President and CEO of the Bay Area Council, a public policy and advocacy organization that advocates to keep  California’s Bay Area among the most innovative, competitive and sustainable regions in the world.