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The New California Coalition is uniting Californians for one common purpose: Create a new era of opportunity in our state by solving our toughest challenges. By addressing the cost of housing, homelessness, crime, and year-after-year drought, we can herald in a future of equity and prosperity in our state.

Middle-income residents can’t afford homes, 30% of the population lives in poverty, and more and more of our people and businesses are leaving for other states in search of better opportunities. Meanwhile, our politics has been captured by the extremes, leaving a wide swath of regular Californians searching for answers while being ignored by their leaders.

The NCC is a home and platform for the 6.5 million politically voiceless Californians who want common-sense solutions to our biggest problems and a new era of opportunity in California. Our organization was built for the long-haul, fueled by a sophisticated proprietary data engine, and guided by proven organizing techniques that will allow us to identify and activate moderate California voters hungry for solutions. Backed by an engaged, 1-million-member grassroots army and 100,000 California small businesses, we will seize every opportunity to advance high-impact policies, recruit and support like-minded candidates, and fight for families and small businesses throughout the state.

We want to hear your story. Record a video and share how you're feeling about California:

  • As a Californian, what do you want to see addressed?
  • Are you worried about the long-term viability of California for you, your family, and your children? Do you see generations of your family remaining in California and becoming prosperous? 
  • What solutions do you want to see to bring down the cost of living, address homelessness, reduce crime, and prepare for the droughts we're experiencing year-after year?

Tips for recording your testimonial:

  • Record a selfie video on your phone. Do it in a quiet place where there's enough light for a clear picture.
  • Introduce yourself (first and last name) then speak openly for 60-90 seconds about the issues you're seeing and experiencing in California.
  • Upload the video to the New California Coalition's website!

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